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I would like to extend IIS in a manner similar to the way this product does in the "other" section.

enter image description here

How do I go about extending IIS to support my own custom handler / icon? Specifically, this handler forces single sign on for a website, and provides its own HTTPS log in screen.

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We have an API in an assmebly called Microsoft.Web.Management.dll, it uses WinForms. Long story short: You implement a ModuleProvider derived class and register it in Administration.config (windir\system32\inetsrv\config), the ModuleProvider specifies the Module to load in the client (GetModuleDefinition) and in its initialization it registers a ModulePage (there are a few options, ModuleListPage, ModulePropertiesPage, ModuleDialogPage, and ModulePage).
Develop service-side functionality using:
- ModuleProvider
- ModuleService

Develop client-side functionality using: - Module
- ModuleServiceProxy
- ModulePage
- and Any additional extensions

I have one example posted at:

and also a simple example at:

and another example at:

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