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When would you see the jQuery dollar sign used at the end of the name of something such as plot$ or plot$.getName()?

What does it mean when the dollar sign is at the end of a name like that?

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Nothing, in and of itself. The $ is just another legal character in identifiers, nothing more, nothing less.

It may be that whatever codebase you're using assigns some special convention to using a $ at the end of the name, but it's nothing standardized. jQuery (and some other libraries) just used $ (on its own) because it was convenient, short, and (at the time) relatively unlikely to be used for anything else.

You sometimes see the $ used at the beginning of names in code that uses jQuery, to indicate that the variable points to a jQuery instance. It could be the code is doing that. But as getName isn't a jQuery function, probably not. :-) (Unless getName is provided by a plug-in.)

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It doesn't mean anything special. $ is a valid character to be used in the variable name.

So plot$ doesn't have any special meaning in comparison to, for example, plotA

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