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I have java SDK 7 installed and i am using Eclipse 3.7.1 Indigo.

When i use the new Java 7 syntax for defining a HashMap, it works fine.

HashMap<Integer, Integer> hashMap = new HashMap<>();

But when i try to use closure syntax, eclipse throws compile errors. This is what i am trying to compile.

    public static <T> Collection<T> select(Collection<T> source,
                                       {T=>Boolean} predicate) {

    Collection<T> result = new ArrayList<T>();
    for (T o : source) {
        if (predicate.invoke(o)) {
    return result;

Is the syntax wrong? or Am i doing it wrong?

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Also, the syntax is wrong. The syntax of the formal parameter would just be Predicate<T> predicate, the use of the predicate would be if (predicate.test(o)), and the actual parameter at the call site, with a List<Person> called people as the collection, would be something like select(people, p -> p.isHappy() && p.isSinging()); –  David Conrad Aug 10 '12 at 19:48

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Java 7 doesn't have closures - it's a planned feature for Java 8.

It was hoped that it would be in Java 7, but it didn't make the cut.

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