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I am trying to get a Gitolite server going on a CentOS machine, but I can't seem to access it from an Eclipse on a Windows laptop.

I can clone the admin repository from a local account and from the remote computer with command line git, (git clone git@ but when I try to do it from Eclipse I get nothing but Auth fail messages.

The key is in C:\Users\<username>\.ssh and Eclipse's SSH2 home directory is pointing there.

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If your "Window > Preferences > Network Connections > SSH2" are correct, make sure this isn't related to an undefined GIT_SSH environment variable (following bug 326526, as I mentioned in "Egit Refuses to accept id_rsa").

Of course, make sure you are using the latest version of EGit (otherwise you may still face bugs like bug 356233: "EGit needs to clear cached passwords if ssh authentication fails").
Note that if your private key has a passphrase, there is a pending bug (352385) (or double check you did entered your password correctly).

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