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I have an XML callback selector that seems to fail at the respondsToSelector test and I am not sure why. Why is the call failing?

The callback is set like so:

[handler setXMLCallBackDelegate:self :@selector(gotXMLCallback)];

The callback is defined like so (in calling class):


And the callback is called using this code (from within handler):

if (gotXMLCallback && gotXMLCallbackSelector && [gotXMLCallback respondsToSelector:gotXMLCallbackSelector]) {
    (void) [gotXMLCallback performSelector:gotXMLCallbackSelector withObject:self];
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The colon is part of the selector, so it should be @selector(gotXMLCallback:).

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To stablish a selector you should call it

[gotXMLCallback performSelector:@selector(gotXMLCallbackSelector:) withObject:self];    
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