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I can create a Facebook like button easily enough to like a URL but what I can't do is get it to like an item in a Facebook page.

So for example in this link ( is a picture and you can like it. But if I was to place that URL inside a LIKE button and click that I'm liking the page and not the item.

So any ideas on how to create a button to like an item rather than the link?

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See the Facebook API:

Using their generated code will show you what is really required. They show you a link to an iFrame with parameters that you can use for the actual item being liked (the web page or the Url to the picture in each of those cases).


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The problem is the like button plugin does not seem to work with internal facebook photo urls. It will generate a like button, but try with a photo that already has likes and you'll see it's not connected. I to am searching for a solution for this. – case2000 Oct 12 '12 at 22:27

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