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  1. When i create an image-object using .createElement('img'), but i dont use it in the document.body, do i have to remove it after i have created it? I only need the image-object to read the size of an image. I know, when using new Image(), the garbage-collector will delete the object. But what about .createElement('img')?

  2. Do i have to use the img.onload Event, also if i put base64 coded images to the src-attribute of the image? -> img.src = base64-string. I do not use a Imgage-URL to make a Request to the Server!

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The GC should collect the image, but not if any closures depend on that variable. So make sure you use var correctly.

You can't get the size of the image reliably unless you use the onload event to make sure it's loaded. However with data: URLs it should be instantaneous, so you can probably get the dimensions straight away.

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thanx for quick answer, i tried loading that image without onload event, and it failed. For base64.onload it worked!?!o_O Dont know...anyhow thanx alot – Okyo Feb 23 '12 at 1:19

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