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Seems like Hibernate.createClob(Reader reader, int length) is deprecated in version 3.6.x And it suggests to use Use LobHelper.createClob(Reader, long) instead.

But LobHelper is an interface not a class.

Is there any alternate for static method Hibernate.createClob(Reader reader, int length)?

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I was using the createBlob(bytes[]) from that class. I created a new class and the following method

    public static Blob createBlob(byte[] bytes) {
       return NonContextualLobCreator.INSTANCE.wrap(NonContextualLobCreator.INSTANCE.createBlob(bytes));
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It is the way of simplifying the usage by hiding the implementations. If you want to use the Clob data you need to use the below code. I have tested it in version hibernate 3.6.


Now coming your second point about the working of it, if you read the source code of org.hibernate.impl.SessionImpl class you will know how internally hibernate handles this.

public LobHelper getLobHelper()
/*      */   {
/* 2245 */     if (this.lobHelper == null) {
/* 2246 */       this.lobHelper = new LobHelperImpl(this, null);
/*      */     }
/* 2248 */     return this.lobHelper;
/*      */   }
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Thanks Manu for quick answer. But this required to get or open a new hibernate session. isn't there any static method like deprecated Hibernate.createClob(Reader reader, int length)? –  Ashraf Feb 16 '12 at 22:07
Most of the time when you create a Blob or a Clob data type, you want it to be stored in to the DB. When you want to display it you have to convert it to byte[] or something like that. That's why it is been moved inside the Session I believe. –  ManuPK Feb 20 '12 at 2:34

I have found another good alternate for this, using java javax.sql.rowset.serial.SerialClob

For example

Clob clob = new SerialClob("Some very long String.......".toCharArray());
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This is possible but created Clob does not work properly! For example, invoking yourClob.getAsciiStream() throws SerialException: Unsupported operation. SerialClob cannot return a the CLOB value as an ascii stream, unless instantiated with a fully implemented Clob object. For more details please see SerialClob implementation. –  lu_ko Feb 9 at 11:28

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