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I have an xml file as under

<!--Sample Person Data-->
  <PersonDetail PersonId="1">
    <Name>Priyanka Das</Name>
  <PersonDetail PersonId="2">
    <Name>Shashidhar Nikatani</Name>
  <PersonDetail PersonId="3">
    <Name>Arundhuti Roy</Name>
  <PersonDetail PersonId="4">
    <Name>Nitin Mallik</Name>
  <PersonDetail PersonId="5">
    <Name>Essaki Raja Kandaswamy</Name>

I need to find out the details of Persons who Lives In Bangalore.

I have done the below but not able to get any result

 XDocument xmlSource = null;
   xmlSource = XDocument.Load(@"D:\Personsample.xml");

            var query = from data in xmlSource.Descendants("Person")
                        where (string)data.Element("LivesIn") == "Bangalore"
                        select data;

Help needed

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Shouldn't it be from data in xmlSource.Descendants("PersonDetail")? –  Gary.S Feb 16 '12 at 2:47

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There are no direct "LivesIn" children of "Person", so data.Element("LivesIn") will invariably not yield anything.

Are you sure you didn't mean:

from data in xmlSource.Descendants("PersonDetail")
                    where (string)data.Element("LivesIn") == "Bangalore"
                    select data;
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