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I am navigating to a link which is activating my controller. The maximum call stack is exceeded when executing the line: @log(Model.all()) within my controller.

Model.all() has 0 records The controller is 28 functions in 4 classes, over 200 lines


  • What is a call stack in Spine/JS terms: is it a function? a class? a module?
  • Are the call stack limits imposed by the Browser,JS, JQuery or Spine? possible browser limits
  • Is this a common problem, and if so how can I avoid it while using Spine JS?
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If you remove that line the app keeps working?

Otherwise I think with that little classes / functions it's more likely to be an issue with your code. I think some function keeps calling itself which causes the stacksize to become too big.

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Ok thanks, I'll look into it and report back –  just__matt Feb 16 '12 at 16:15
found the problem. at the end of the model code was an attribute for the related model, causing a loop when called. Cheers for your help –  just__matt Feb 16 '12 at 17:13

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