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I am working in a Drupal template. I want to know if two variables exist, and if they do not then do or show something else. I know how to do this for only one variable, but what is the correct syntax to look for two? My code is below.

<?php if (!empty($right) && !empty($left)): ?>
    <div id="content-main">
   <?php endif; ?>

I also tried it this way.

<?php if (!empty($right)&&($left)): ?>
    <div id="content-main">
   <?php endif; ?> 

and this way.

<?php if (!isset($right)&&($left)): ?>
    <div id="content-main">
   <?php endif; ?>

None of them work, how do I fix this?

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if (isset($right) && isset($left)) otherwise make var_dump($right,$left); and check the content of the variables – Cheery Feb 16 '12 at 3:34
That works! Thank you. – paulcap1 Feb 16 '12 at 3:49
I altered it a little. I didn't show 2 other if statements I also need to pass thru. The final code is <?php if (empty($right) && empty($left)): ?> <div id="content-main"> <?php else: ?> <?php endif; ?> – paulcap1 Feb 16 '12 at 4:04

empty() doesn't check variable initialization, it only checks if it contains a defined set of values that are considered empty ( "", 0, for example).

Your third example is in the right direction, but needs a small tweak:

<?php if (!isset($right)&&!isset($left)): ?>
<div id="content-main">
<?php endif; ?>

The second conditional check after && requires its own isset() as well.

hope this helps.

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