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Here is my code for the infowindow:

<div class='googft-info-window' align='center' style='font-family: sans-serif'>
<b>{CLIENT NAME}</b> <br>
<font color="red"><b>BONUS: </b>{BONUS}</font color> <br>
<a href="{WEBSITE}"><i>Learn More</i></a></div>

When user clicks Learn More, I would like this to open another page with further information. Instead, what is actually happening is the link is being followed, within the map frame.

I would like the link to take user to another page on the site. I think this thread Inserting a rails link into a Google Maps infowindow answers my question, but I don't really understand all the additional code.

I am VERY new to FT and appreciate all the knowledge here.

Thanks in advance, Andrea

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With valid (X)HTML as far as I know there is no way to determine in- or out-of-frame links. How ever if you're willing to drop validity you can use the anchor target attribute set to "_top"

Or if you want you can use Javascript; but that will end up causing unwanted behavior for those without Javascript

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You can say this:

<a href="{WEBSITE}" target="_blank">Learn More</a>

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