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When I :load a Haskell script into GHCi, it changes the prompt from Prelude> to *Main>. After I'm done with this script, how can I go back to the Prelude> prompt? There seems to be no documentation regarding this.

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Try using the :m command. It should unload all the modules.

This is short for :module which sets the current context. You can also load arbitrary modules this way:

Prelude> :m Data.List Control.Applicative
Prelude Data.List Control.Applicative> :m
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Thanks! That worked! :) –  rdasxy Feb 16 '12 at 4:10

Adding to the answer by @Tikhon Jelvis.

Apparently you can choose to unload modules using the syntax :m -<module>. As in:

Prelude> import Numeric
Prelude Numeric> :m -Numeric
Prelude> :m +Numeric
Prelude Numeric>

Source: [Haskell] Import/unimport a module into ghci

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