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Using the WPF Toolkit MaskedTextBox in an MVVM app. I have it's value property bound to a property that is an Int32 valuetype.

The Mask is "00000000". But all it shows is my raw number, 149, instead of, 00000149

Shouldn't it be left padding with 0s ?

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"Mask" in your case just means "accept eight digits", it doesn't do anything else. You can read more here:

(Supported Mask Strings section)

For the solution, you should either:

  • Use StringFormat in your binding, try this: StringFormat={}{0:00000000}
  • Writing a ValueConverter to support what you actually need (although this is not it's purpose).

More on StringFormat

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Thanks. I've decided to make a custom control that inherits from textbox to deal with these special "digits" fields. – happyfirst Feb 16 '12 at 13:50

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