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I'm using sbt 11.2 and xsbt web plugin for a web project (which is multi module). I'm trying to change the war file name generated by sbt. It has version which I like to not to include.

I tried overriding several keys without luck

lazy val admin = Project("admin", file("admin"),
    settings = baseSettings ++ webSettings ++ jettySettings ++ Seq(
      name := "admin",
      moduleName := "my-admin",


Appreciate if someone can show me how to change war file name


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This ought to to the trick:

++ inConfig(Compile)(
     artifact in packageWar <<= moduleName(n => Artifact("my-" + n, "war", "war"))



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In build.sbt, overriding the key artifactName works for me:

artifactName := { (sv: ScalaVersion, module: ModuleID, artifact: Artifact) =>
    artifact.name + "-" + module.revision + "this-goes-in-war-filename." + artifact.extension

Taken from the sbt documentation here

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