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I can publish a jersey service to grizzly by doing the following

final String baseUri = "http://localhost:51000";
final Map<String, String> initParams = new HashMap<String, String>();
initParams.put("", "");
SelectorThread threadSelector = GrizzlyWebContainerFactory.create(baseUri, initParams);

So the specified package will be scanned for any service classes annotated with @Path, and they will be initialized. My question is, is there any way to specify a pre-initialized jersey service class - initialied via a custom factory or even just by doing new MyService() - and publish it to Grizzly or any other container?

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You can use GrizzlyServerFactory.create(URI u, ResourceConfig rc) and add your singletons to provided ResourceConfig. ie:

final String baseUri = "http://localhost:51000";
final ResourceConfig rc = new PackagesResourceConfig("");
rc.getSingletons().add(new MyInstantiatedResource());
SelectorThread threadSelector = GrizzlyServerFactory.create(baseUri, rc);
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or any other container?

Jersey also supports the SimpleHttp container, if you add the add-on jersey module and use SimpleServerFactory.

ResourceConfig config = new DefaultResourceConfig();
config.getSingletons().add(new MyInstantiatedResource());

String serverBase = "http://localhost:8080/foo";
Closeable server = SimpleServerFactory.create(serverBase, config);
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