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I have an array for example ("1:2","5:90","7:12",1:70,"29:60") Wherein ID and Qty are separated by a ':' (colon), what I want to do is when there's a duplicate of IDs the program will add the qty and return the new set of arrays so in the example it will become ("1:72","5:90","7:12","29:60").




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Where do you get the data in such terrible format from? – zerkms Feb 16 '12 at 6:04
Is your data format literally ("1:42"), or is that just pseudo-array notation? Is parsing this string part of the task of solving this problem? – deceze Feb 16 '12 at 6:06
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$arr = array("1:2","5:90","7:12", "1:70","29:60");

$newArr = array();

foreach($arr as $key => $value) {

  list($id, $quantity) = explode(':', $value);

    $newArr[$id] += $quantity;
    $newArr[$id] = $quantity;


foreach($newArr as $key => $value) {
  $newArr[$key] = "$key:$value";

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Simple step by step:

  $arr = array("1:2","5:90","7:12","1:70","29:60");
  $tmp = array();
  foreach($arr as $item)
   list($id, $value) = explode(':', $item);
   if (isset($tmp[$id])) 
        $tmp[$id] += $value;
        $tmp[$id] = $value;

  $arr = array();
  foreach($tmp as $id => $value)
    array_push($arr, $id . ':' . $value);

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Assuming the data format is an actual array, or you can parse it into one:

$data = array("1:2","5:90","7:12","1:70","29:60","1:5");
$values = array();
foreach ($data as $value) {
    list($id, $qty) = explode(':', $value);
    if (isset($values[$id])) {
        $values[$id] += $qty;
    } else {
        $values[$id] = $qty;
foreach ($values as $id => &$qty) {
    $qty = "$id:$qty";
$values = array_values($values);
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Try to do like this

$array  = array("1:2","5:90","7:12","1:70","29:60","1:5");
$result = array();
$sum    = array();
foreach($array as $value)
        list($k,$v) = explode(':',$value);
        $sum[$k]   += $v; 
        $result[$k] = $k.':'.$sum[$k];
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