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I have three divs with class widget-area and the below CSS is for the third widget area. What does below code means?

<div id="supplementary" class="three">
  <div class="widget-area" id="first"></div>
  <div class="widget-area" id="second"></div>
  <div class="widget-area" id="third"></div>


#supplementary.three .widget-area + .widget-area + .widget-area
    margin-right: 0;

Can someone is there to help me?

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It selects the .widget-area, which comes immediately after two .widget-area-s, all contained in a supplementary.three (that is, third, fourth, fifth and so on .widget-areas contained in a supplementary.three). Given your clarified source example, it would be better to rewrite the selector as #supplementary.three #third.widget-area.

margin-right:0 means that there should be no margin to the right of the third (fourth, fifth etc if there would be any) .widget-area.

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