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In my project, I have an existing file:


    namespace Cpld_A
       const int XXX;

And ABC_Existing.cc uses the variable XXX doing 'using namespace Cpld'.

I created a new file:


    namespace Cpld_B
       const int XXX;

And I am trying to use it in XYZ_New.cc. When I compile, I get error saying ambiguous declaration of variable XXX between Cpld_A and Cpld_B. There is no relation between ABC_Existing and XYZ_New. And ABC_Existing.h is not included (directly or indirectly) in XYZ_New.h/cc. But, all these files are in the same folder and build together.

How can this problem happen, and how do I resolve this ? Appreciate your help !!!

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Most likely, the ambiguity is because both the same namespaces and hence the symbol names within are imported in to your current namespace by some indirect obscure way.

A simple way to resolve the ambiguity is by using the fully qualified names of the symbols, when referring to them:

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Is there a way I can find how this is getting linked ? –  Manoj Feb 16 '12 at 6:19

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