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I am very new to app programming. As my app is very slow due to downloading the xml from a url and then parse it with nxsml parser. I decided to use Libxml2 to make my app faster as it seems I can parse document while reading it, but I have no idea how I can use a third party and could not find a good solution about that.

Does anyone know anything about using libxml2?

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Go to Build Phases in your project and then Link Binary with Libraries, select + button and then look for the library, you'll have it there and then follow this link: http://cocoawithlove.com/2008/10/using-libxml2-for-parsing-and-xpath.html

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You can use third party libraries like TouchXML.

You can grab that here

TouchXML installation guide is found here

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go through these two example and you will get everything about all types of xml parsing


How To Choose The Best XML Parser for Your iPhone Project

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The google GData library provides a GDataXMLNode class. It mimics the NSXML class, but it is based on the libxml library.

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Jump away from XML and start to utilise JSON.

With iOS5 there is a native JSON parser inbuilt (by native I mean included in the SDK).

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