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My team and I are making an android chat application. We want to display the messages sent by the users in a ListView. How can we display the text entered in an EditText in the list view. Or is there any other way to achieve our goal?

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It all depends on what type of adapter you're using to back the view. If you're using an ArrayAdapter, just add the text to the array each time you have a new message you want to display (for instance, every time a button was clicked). If you're using a CursorAdapter, you'd then have to add the text to the ContentProvider that the Cursor is viewing. Beyond that, I can't tell you much else. We'd need more details about what you're doing in order to answer any further.

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thanks for reply. we ar using array adapter here –  kdr Feb 16 '12 at 7:08

I've done this with some different by your needs. I just get the editText values to my database and printed into EditText. Just see this code -

EditText b = (EditText)findViewById(R.id.editText1);
    output = (TextView) this.findViewById(R.id.editText1);
    output1 = (TextView) this.findViewById(R.id.editText2);

    String s1= output1.getText().toString();

    this.dh = new DataHelper(this);        


    List<String> names = this.dh.selectAll();

    StringBuilder sb = new StringBuilder();

    sb.append("Names in database:\n\n");
    for (String name : names) 
       sb.append("\t - \t" + (name) + "\n");


Just change this with your needs. Try out using this

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You can do this using the custom list view. In the custom list view use the custom adapter in which you can take an edit TextView. You can see this how to implement custom list view here. In this list view a TextView is used but you can replace this TextView with EditText view.

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