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This is for a windows form.

Panel has AutoScroll = True

I am adding panels dynamically to the main panel which end up exceeding the main panel display rectangle. Then adding Labels, Combo Boxes, and Text Boxes to the added panels.

If I select a Combo Box or Text Box it resets the main panels scroll bar position to 0 and also the drop down menu for a Combo Box will be placed on the screen X,Y where it should be if the scrollbar had not reset.

I am thinking of saving the scroll position when a control is selected. After testing it seems the scroll position is not reset yet so I am able to capture it here. Then restoring the scroll position on some event of the panel I hope. I am trying to find out exactly what event I would use to restore the scroll position. I also hope that the drop down menu will be placed at the correct x,y when I do this.

A better solution would be to create a custom control based off the panel control and override an event possibly? This way I would not need to clutter up my project with saving the scroll position every time I use a scrolling panel.

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It seems that if I select the control once it will jump to the top then if I select that same control again after scrolling down again the scrollbar position will not be reset. – Untouchable Feb 16 '12 at 18:55

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I found the answer to the problem I was having here: Answer

public class CustomPanel : System.Windows.Forms.Panel
    protected override System.Drawing.Point ScrollToControl(System.Windows.Forms.Control activeControl)
        // Returning the current location prevents the panel from
        // scrolling to the active control when the panel loses and regains focus
        return this.DisplayRectangle.Location;
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For future generations (and if link gets broken): 1. Subclass Panel 2. override ScrollToControl() to return this.DisplayRectangle.Location – Asaf Aug 14 '12 at 12:38
For the faint of heart: Subclassing doesn't involve more than: Paste the above code into your Form.cs and change the two spots in the Form.Designer.cs from ..System.Panel to CustomPanel. – TaW Jun 28 '14 at 9:02
When using a TabPage instead of a Panel, the procedure is exactly the same, but you have to subtract 3 pixels from the DisplayRectangle.Location's X and Y values for the border of the TabControl. – Alexander Pacha Mar 18 at 13:34

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