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When i am placing my $string variable contents into some text file, it adds some junk character it seems. For example i am writing an utility name in string and copy that string to file like follows.


$CodeCount | Out-file "C:\CodeCount.bat"

When i am executing this batch file , it fails by showing some junk character in front.enter image description here

Even i tried with trim() but still the same result.

How to avoid adding Junk character in front?

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Try Out-File -Encoding ASCII – Andy Arismendi Feb 16 '12 at 7:32

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Don't use out-file, atleast, in the default form. Use set-content. Or explicitly set the encoding in out-file something like out-file -encoding ascii. Out-file by default uses utf16 ( ucs-2 actually) encoding which doesn't get treated as plain text in many applications ( including version control systems like Hg, Git ) and add the "funny" characters that you mention.

Note that the redirection > is same as out-file and will give you the same results.

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That's because the standard encoding used for Out-file is Unicode which adds some BOM values at the beginning of the file (you can see these values when you open your file with a hex editor). To avoid these bytes use -encoding ASCII:

$CodeCount | Out-file -encoding ascii "C:\CodeCount.bat"
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The default encoding of Out-File is Little Endian Unicode. cmd.exe doesn't work well with this encoding so just use ASCII:

Out-File -Encoding ASCII

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