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When I try to change this columns list:


into this (IdLineaProducto is first)


SQL Server Management Studio says that it's not allowed to save changes because the table must be deleted and recreated (in spanish...). I could do this in SQL Server 2005, but not in SQL Server 2008.

The same happens in other situations, like trying to transform an int non-identity column to identity. Why happens this? How can I resolve this? Maybe some misconfigured issue? Some new feature in SQL Server?

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I found the solution to this problem.

This is by design and can be quickly fixed in Management Studio by unchecking a property. To fix this in Management Studio, go to Tools -> Options then go to the Designer Page and uncheck "Prevent saving changes that require table re-creation".

Beware that it may have undesired consequences, like losing data in other tables related to this.

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Accept you answer. Looks like you answered you own question. I wondered why that was not possible SQL2008 as it was previous versions. +1 – ichiban May 30 '09 at 22:39

That is just the way it works... you can only add columns to the end, unless you DROP it and CREATE it (normally copying the data out and back in, which the IDE might help with). But why do you want to change the order? Even if it isn't ideal, your SELECT etc can handle this... i.e.

SELECT IdLineaProducto, Nombre, Imagen, Descripcion, Activo
FROM   TheTable

(it is rarely a good idea to just use SELECT *)

Re the IDENTITY; again, this is fundamental to the column - although in this case you could copy the data out, DROP the column, and re-ADD the column as IDENTITY (on the right hand side), and copy it back in - but then you have extra complications with IDENTITY INSERT and the SEED value (so you don't try to get duplicates of existing identity values).

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Well, yes, you are right. But I used to see database columns in certain logical order, specially when tables has many columns. Also, I'm talking about working with the designer, not TSQL code. When I work with the designer I get these messages. – eKek0 May 30 '09 at 22:14

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