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I want to capture the timestamp of incoming call and out going call. I read that, this could be possible using CoreTelephony Framework. I have tried the code given here Capture incoming Callevent using coretelephony? . I had placed code inside the applicationwillresignActive method. I have run the test by giving the call while my application in the foreground, but i am not getting any messages in the log. Event handler is code is not executing even when the call event happens. I am not getting where i am wrong?

Thanks in advance


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you can see this link call details

From this u will get date of call and duration of call. And with the help of Core telephony u can detect call's incoming state. When u get a incoming call then generate a time stamp.

I think it may be help you.

Happy coding...

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This method no longer works in iOS5+. Is there a new method? This app seems to have it working

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