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For my custom content type, I used .install file to install the custom fields and create my form same as following:

function inep_form($node, $form_state) {
    return node_content_form($node, $form_state);

And i added Body field and an Image field in my inep.install:

$instance = field_info_instance('node', 'body', 'inep');
$instance['type'] = 'text_summary_or_trimmed';

And an Image field with:

'field_name' => 'image_upload',

And now I have an error for invoking the body and image field from database for showing in:

inep_block_view($delta='') {
    $result = db_select('node', 'n')
    ->fields('n', array('nid', 'title', 'body', 'image_upload'))
    ->condition('type', INEP_NODE_TYPE)
    ->condition('status', 1)

!PDOException: SQLSTATE[HY000]: General error: 1 no such column: n.body...

It means they don't store in database?!

But i can edit my fields later...

And also tried "body['und'][0]['value']" But same error,

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Solved. The standard body field is added in other table named "field_data_body", Not in node table.

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