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I have a array of string say:

String[] Fields=new String[]{RowField,RowField1}

In which I can use the below query to get the values by specifying the values is query i.e RowField and RowField1:

var Result = (
from x in _dataTable.AsEnumerable()
select new
    Name = x.Field<object>(RowField), 
    Name1 = x.Field<object>(RowField1)

But if suppose I have many values in the Array like:

String[] Fields= new String[]

How can I use the query here without specifying each of the rowfield in the query? How can i iterate through the array items inside the LINQ?

According to some suggestions in LINQ query and Array of string I am trying to get the result using the code below.

var result = (from row in _dataTable.AsEnumerable()
                 let projection = from fieldName in fields
                      select new {Name = fieldName, Value = row[fieldName]}
                 select projection.ToDictionary(p=>p.Name,p=>p.Value))

But the problem is it does not return the distinct values.Any ideas?

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Start with distinct DataRows by using this overload of Distinct():

_dataTable.AsEnumerable().Distinct(new DataRowEqualityComparer())

Where DataRowEqualityComparer is:

public class DataRowEqualityComparer : IEqualityComparer<DataRow>
    public bool Equals(DataRow x, DataRow y)
        return x.ItemArray.SequenceEqual(y.ItemArray);

    public int GetHashCode(DataRow obj)
        return string.Join("", obj.ItemArray).GetHashCode();
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