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I am trying to pass in startSequenceId, stopSequenceId, orderNumber into the SQL map, however, i don't wish to use a typed object, i.e. parameterType="com.abc.Order", can i do so?

<select id="getSequenceIdByOrderNumber" parameterType="?" resultType="int">
    select *
    from log
    where seq_id
    between #{startSequenceId} and #{stopSequenceId}
    and order_no = #{orderNumber}
    and rownum = 1
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@Chin I'll post what I had typed anyway with a simple example though you found what your looking for. My example using iBatis 2.3.4

<select id="retrieveTestXXX" parameterClass="java.util.Map" resultClass="java.lang.Integer">
    FROM example_table
    WHERE example_table.xx_id = #testId# AND example_table.xx_id = #test2Id#

Hope this helps.

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Thanks malsr that was a helpful reference. – Oh Chin Boon Feb 16 '12 at 15:03

You can use the built in parameterType 'map' eg

Map<String, Object> parms = new HashMap<String, Object>();
parms.put("name", "abc);
parms.put("phone", "123");
parms.put("email", "123@email.com");

List<Contact> list = myBatis.selectList("getContacts",params);

<!-- in xml mapper -->
<select id=" getContacts" parameterType="map" resultMap="Contact">
  AND CONTACT_PHONE = ${phone}
  AND CONTACT_MAIl = ${email}
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In MyBatis 3, you can use @Param annotation in your mapper class(interface) method:

public getSequenceIdByOrderNumber(@Param("seqId") int sequenceId,@Param("orderId") int orderNo);

Then you can use #{seqId}, #{orderId} in the SQL without using parameterType attribute.

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Found the answer, thanks.


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hi dude, the link you're share was broken, can U share your Answer,.? thanks a lot - – Praditha Feb 7 '13 at 6:29
Hi Praditha, unfortunately after the page really doesn't exist anymore after a year. Please see MalsR's answer, it is relevant. – Oh Chin Boon Feb 7 '13 at 6:34

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