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I need to access attribute names of a model but it is not showing all of them.

I have User model and I added a attr_accessor :color in it (since I don't want to store this on my database as column). But if I try to access attribute names using User.first.attribute_names it is showing only database columns,it is not showing 'color' attribute,so how do I access all the attributes ?is there any methods which list attr_accessor as attributes ?

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First of all if you don't know difference b/w attr_acessabe and attr_accessor look at

How to iterate ActiveRecord Attributes, including attr_accessor methods

you can add attr_accessor if you don't an attribute to save in database then add that att_accessor to attr_accessable :)

attr_accessor :color
attr_accessible :color


User.accessible_attributes # => ["color"], but beware that you have lost all other attribute you need to add those too if you want to enable mass assignment. 

    attr_accessible :color,:first_name,:blah,:blah...
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User.accessible_attributes #will return array of accessible attributes 
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it is returning nil,I am using rails 2.3 and ruby 1.8 is that a problem ? – Lohith MV Feb 16 '12 at 9:43
oh, i missed this while reading question. accessible_attributes will return all attr_accessable not att_accessor.posting another answer as in text in comment can't be formatted – Naveed Feb 16 '12 at 10:26

Have you tried #methods i.e. User.first.methods or perhaps User.accessible_attributes is more in line with what your looking for.

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