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in my asmx service file i converting dataset to json by newtonsoft .

            string json = JsonConvert.SerializeObject(ds, Formatting.None);

            return json;

then am getting my response like this

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The problem is that even if you declare string as the returned value of the Webmethod the returned data will be serialized one more time with respect of the standard JavaScriptSerializer. As the result the data will be twice serialized and the value of d property of the result will be string where some characters are escaped. If you want continue to use old ASMX web services the simplest solution will be just to parse the string from the d property one more time

var myData = $.parseJSON(data.d);

If you would use WCF services instead of ASMX web services your code will be exactly so simple as before, but you would be able to return raw data in very simple way (see here). You can for example use Message as the type of returned value of the service method and return unformatted string data by the usage of CreateTextResponse (see here) or returns Stream (see here).

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