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I have a DOM element with an event handler attached using addEventListener. By the time I want to remove it with removeEventListener, I no longer have a reference to the function that handles the event.
How can I remove the event listener, other than storing references to all event handlers globally?

I noticed that if I edit the DOM element using the Chrome developer tools, the event is no longer handled. Could a viable solution lie herein?

I'm not using and unable to use a library like jQuery in this particular situation.

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Store a reference to the event handler in the DOM element:

 e.handlerToRemove = handler;
 e.addEventListener( ..., handler );


 e.removeEventListener( e.handlerToRemove );
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I'm a bit worried this method will easily introduce memory leaks in certain versions of IE. – Protector one Feb 16 '12 at 15:47
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You can't; you need that reference. Either store it globally like you suggest yourself, or store it in the DOM element like Aaron Digulla said.

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