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Possible Duplicate:
How to use UIProgressView while loading of a UIWebView?

In my app i have a UIViewController with a UIWebView and a toolbar as a subviews. The toolbar has a UITextField for the address. When loading a page the address field should indicate the loading progress of the webpage something like Safari's address bar or Facebook app for iOS when loading an external link.

The problem that i face is that i can't find a way to show the progress of the page when loading, making the address field(UIText field) fill with a color.

Is there any way to do that or a component already made for this?

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To my knowledge there is no way that you could read the progress of a HTML page being loaded into an UIWebView. However I have an idea what you could do. It is a bit "around the corner" but if displaying a progress bar while loading a HTML page into a UIWebView is REALLY important to you, here is what you could do:

  1. Do not load the HTML directly into the UIWebView. Load it into memory first (you can use the ASIHTTPRequest library to do that really easily).
  2. ASIHTTPRequest offers a delegate method that allows you to access the progress of the request. Use that to display the progress.
  3. Once the HTML finished loading, render it into the UIWebView using [UIWebView loadHTMLString:]

As I mentioned before this is really unconventional, but if you really need the progress to be displayed it is the only way I can think of.

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sounds like a good idea. i'll give it a try. – Sorin Antohi Feb 19 '12 at 17:20

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