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I am using GMAP.NET in c#. I am able to display the map on the form, now i am trying to draw a CIRCLE mouse by clicking on a certian point, keeping the left mouse button and dragging the mouse upto specific place. Once the circle is drawn I want to get its radius in miles from the center point which I am sure GMAP is capable of doing it. I am using Opentstreet maps.

I am just unable to achive this functionly, anybody who has played with GMAP control kindly share your experience with some code which will work.


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the only way that I am aware of that can achieve such a result is to create a list with PointLatLng points and draw them as a polygon. Here is an example.

private void CreateCircle(PointF point, double radius, int segments)

List<PointLatLng> gpollist = new List<PointLatLng>();

double seg = Math.PI * 2 / segments;

int y = 0;
for (int i = 0; i < segments; i++)
    double theta = seg * i;
    double a = point.x + Math.cos( theta ) * radius;
    double b = point.y + Math.sin( theta ) * radius;

    PointLatLng gpoi = new PointLatLng(a,b);

 GMapPolygon gpol = new GMapPolygon(gpollist, "pol");

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Good code, thanks. Minor tweak: Math.Cos and Math.Sin, note caps, and radius needs to be VERY tiny like .01 if you're mapping to a scale of a mile or two. –  TonyG Mar 4 at 3:55

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