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I'm using the google-api-client gem (gem google-api-client, '0.4.1' in my Gemfile). The following code caused the error uninitialized constant MyController::Google:

class MyController < ApplicationController
  def index
    @client = Google::APIClient.new

Specifying ::Google::APIClient didn't help, the error then said uninitialized constant Google.

Simply adding a require 'google/api_client' at the top of the file made this go away, so it seems there's something wrong in how auto-loading is being done. Not sure what's going on here exactly, specifying the gem in my Gemfile should have automatically required the gem, right? I have restarted the rails server btw.

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Try adding a :require => 'google/api_client' where you specify the google api client gem in the Gemfile

gem 'google-api-client', :require => 'google/api_client'

This tells bundler that the correct way to require the gem 'google-api-client' is to require 'google/api_client'

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