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I want to calculate total of particular column

For ex my table must looks like this

     Customername  Payment    id    RunningTotal
       a           500        5          5
       b           500        10         10
       c           300        10         7
                  ------              -----------
                   1300                  22  

I am getting the table but now I want to calculate the total mentioned at the end for the column Payment and RunningTotal.

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I am sure that you tried something and it did not work, right? Could you show us your query? –  dasblinkenlight Feb 16 '12 at 9:46

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If you are getting the above result from table t1, then you can add your sum at the end by using an Union statement. Something like this

select Customername, Payment, id, RunningTotal
from t1
union all
select null,sum(payment),null,sum(runningtotal or any total)
from t1

This will add total payments and the other total at the end of the result.

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Thanks mankuTimma it did worked for me.. –  Stone Cold Feb 16 '12 at 11:48
select sum(Payment) as SumPayment, sum(RunningTotal) as SumRunningTotal
from yourTable
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if you want to sum all rows, its as simple as:

select sum(payment) payment_sum, sum(runningtotal) runningtotal_sum
from customers;
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