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Is it possible to create a single DateTimeParser which would parse:

  • dates with time given
  • dates without time (assuming time to be start of day)
  • times without dates (assuming date to be today)

or do I need to have three separate parsers, and try parsing strings with each one?

In other words, is it possible to define optional fields in a parser?

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org.joda.time.format.ISODateTimeFormat has a static method dateOptionalTimeParser() that uses the code below, based on the DateTimeFomatterBuilder class, which has an appendOptional method - you would probably be able to adapt the method to your requirement... Link:

public static DateTimeFormatter dateOptionalTimeParser() {
    if (dotp == null) {
        DateTimeParser timeOrOffset = new DateTimeFormatterBuilder()
        dotp = new DateTimeFormatterBuilder()
    return dotp;
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