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I want to use the same controller for browser users (form-based auth) and OAuth API users. Seems like gems like doorkeeper make controllers accept only OAuth 2.

Should I make a basic no-auth controller and two subclasses (one for OAuth, another for form-based)? Or is there a solution that allows it on one controller class?

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The oauth-plugin allows this. You can specify:

oauthenticate, :interactive => true

This will allow both logged in users, and OAuth users to access the same controller actions.

I wrote a blog post on setting up an OAuth2 provider with oauth-plugin. You can follow it for the most part, however you probably don't want to have an API base class, and you want to replace:

oauthenticate, :interactive => false


oauthenticate, :interactive => true
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You can also do this with doorkeeper, as you can pass in your own options to the filter:

doorkeeper_for :all, {:if => lambda{|c| !current_user}}

This will only have doorkeeper kick in if the user it not in logged (e.g. no current_user).

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