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I'm currently using a regular expression to convert a textarea value's new lines to <p> tags, this newly formatted block of text is then inserted on the page and it's working fine. The block of text can be re-edited though, i.e. putting the block of text back in to the textarea for editing. Is there a regular expression I can use to replace the <p> tags with new lines again, so that the spacing is preserved as they're editing the text within the textarea?

(This is to be used with JavaScript / jQuery).

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I suggest you leverage jQuery's queries to get the contents of each <p>, and then join them with \n:

function getTexts(selector) {
  var textContents = $(selector).map(function(i, item) {
    return $(item).text();

  return textContents.join("\n\n");

$("#theTextarea").val(getTexts("#someContainer > p"));
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Thanks, with an extra line this worked great :) –  Kerry Feb 16 '12 at 11:30

Instead of using regex you could iterate over each p element, extract the text and build a string with each p's text + a newline character.

var html = $('<div>' + text + '</div>');
var plain = '';

$(html.find('p')).each(function() {
    plain += '\n' + $(this).text();
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