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I have a build with a number of build steps that compile, run tests and package the application using msdeploy via an MSBuild script. Currently, if any of my tests fail, the package still gets built, however I would want the build to either stop at the point of failure, or to be able to pass a variable into the MSBuild script that is the exit code of the test/compile stage, and create the package based on the value of that variable. Currently, I haven't been able to find any variables that contain this information..

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Set StopOnFirstFailure=true

If true, when one of the projects fails to build, no more projects will be built.

Additionally, define build parameters and conditionally set the TeamCitySetStatus.

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-sorry, should have explained my set up. I have an sln runner to do compilation, MSTest Runner to run tests, and the MSBuild running to do packaging. What I am after is the output from the sln runner and/or the mstest runner to pass into the msbuild runner –  Owen Martin Feb 16 '12 at 14:30
Now it's clear. I've updated the answer. Hope it helps. –  KMoraz Feb 16 '12 at 14:57

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