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I'm just wondering whether it's possible to create an attribute called "alias" using FactoryGirl, since alias is a reserved word in Ruby.

FactoryGirl.define do
  factory :blah do
    name "dummy"
    alias "dummy"

I've tried various combinations of escaping things but can't get anything useful to work.

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Ruby doesn't know whether you're trying to call a method called alias or alias one method as another, and defaults to the latter. You can disambiguate by doing

self.alias "dummy"

ie, by explicitly specifying the receiver. This is usually the way to go in other cases where it is ambiguous whether you are calling a method or doing something else e.g.

self.foo = 'bar'

to call the foo= method rather than create a local variable called foo.

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Using self.alias did the trick. I was positive I had already tried that though. (-: Thanks! –  Tim Potter Feb 16 '12 at 21:22
Was just having this problem where my model has an attribute called "end". self.end makes it work. –  GeorgeMillo Jan 8 at 12:35
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