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Hi i'm living in austria and we use the , as decimal separator.

It seems to be impossible to convert the float to varchar with the correct separator according to the language/collation setting?

Is this a bug?

set language german --makes no difference in this case
declare @f float = 4.5
select @f --output in my management studio is 4,5 
          --according to the regional os settings this is correct

select convert(varchar,@f) -- output: 4.5 not correct

one solution, but not ideal I think

select replace(convert(varchar,@f),'.',',')
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  • SSMS formats the float type based on your regional settings
  • The SQL Engine language setting doesn't affect what separators are used

Correctly, you should leave numbers as numbers and format in the client.
This is what SSMS is doing for you

Also see SQL server with german regional settings

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Thats true, thanks, but you can convert DateTime with different styles, why not the decimal seperator? So i still think its a bug (or a missing feature) :) – Christoph Staudinger Feb 16 '12 at 12:05
@ChristophStaudinger: No idea why... – gbn Feb 16 '12 at 12:53

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