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i have a small screen and i want the horizontal scrollbar on datagrid to appear automatically. i've used: dataGrid.setMinimumTableWidth(1500, Unit.PX);

this sets the width both the scrollbar still not appear

any tip?

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The tricky is use: dataGrid.setMinimumTableWidth(width, Unit.PX); – Jose Feb 23 '12 at 17:19

I had a similar problem. When using DatGrid make sure you place it within a ResizeLayoutPanel. Set the height of the panel to xxx PX and the width to a yyy %. Then for the DataGrid just set width to 100%. Column widths units can be EM, PCT, or PX. In fact do not set all column widths to total 100%, otherwise you'll get funky display issues. Hope this helps.

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So I tested out this code, both scrollbars show.

  <g:ResizeLayoutPanel height="480px" width="760px">
       <c:DataGrid width="100%"  addStyleNames='{style.cellTable}' ui:field="testResultTable"/>
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