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I need to give solid colors to bar charts... I have followed this link Bar chart Example

But i want to give solid colors and also i need to change colors myself... how to do it...

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First off, read the API.txt, it answers all your questions. Two things you need to do then. When you specify that you want bars, set fill: 1, which tells flot to make the colors 100% opaque. To specify a colour per series, just add a color:'red' to each data object.

So you end up with a data object like this:

var data = [
    {label: 'foo', color:'red', data: [[1,300], [2,300], [3,300], [4,300], [5,300]]},
    {label: 'bar', color:'blue', data: [[1,800], [2,600], [3,400], [4,200], [5,0]]},
    {label: 'baz', color:'yellow', data: [[1,100], [2,200], [3,300], [4,400], [5,500]]},

And flot options like this:

    series: {
        stack: 1,
        bars: {
            show: true,
            barWidth: 0.6,

See it in action here:

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In fill: 1, the 1 means opacity 100%. You may specify other values less than 1 to get varying degrees of opacity. If you set fill: true you get a default opacity of roughly 50%. – CaptainBli Mar 15 at 14:15

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