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I am quite new to Objective C and I am currently trying to setup Facebook connect for a project I am working on. I have been following the tutorial


I have done everything so far in the tutorial, I am just on the bit after the modification of the project plist file and am running it on the iOS simulator.

When I first ran the app on the simulator it gave me the initial login with credentials screen. I logged in with my own Facebook account and it seemed to work fine. I closed the simulator and tried again, now whenever I try to run my app it just gives me a constant white screen and it never goes back to the login page or any other for that.

looking on the forum a person with a similar problem to me put up a question that was never answered, Implementing SSO return a Blank view

Does anyone know a fix for this? I would be very grateful for any help at all.

I can post screens if needed. But basically its just a blank white screen after loading the app.

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