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I have a Qt QWizard in my project. I want it to have a pagelist with titles of my wizard pages. Also I want in this pagelist current page to be somehow checked.

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You have to implement a widget which has a QListWidget on the left and a QWizard on the right.

The list widget shows a list of all available pages (use QWizard::pageIds) of the wizard and every time a page is changed (QWizard::currentIdChanged) you update the check state of each item in the list, using QWizard::visitedPages which gives you a list of IDs of the pages which were already visited.

Remember that for the items in the list widget you have to manually set the flag Qt::ItemIsUserCheckable.

QList QWizard::visitedPages () const
Returns the list of IDs of visited pages, in the order in which the pages were visited.
Pressing Back marks the current page as "unvisited" again.

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