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Hello im having the next issue using cometd + jquery + java doing some testing in broadcasting a message.

This is my web.xml, im using the Annotations implementation of cometd:

<!-- Cometd Servlet -->

This is the service i registered:

package com.api.services;

import java.util.HashMap;

import javax.inject.Inject;

import org.cometd.bayeux.Message;
import org.cometd.bayeux.client.ClientSession;
import org.cometd.bayeux.client.ClientSessionChannel;
import org.cometd.bayeux.server.BayeuxServer;
import org.cometd.java.annotation.Service;
import org.cometd.java.annotation.Session;
import org.cometd.java.annotation.Subscription;

public class UserStatusService
    private BayeuxServer bayeux;
    private ClientSession bayeuxClient;

    public void userStatus (Message message)
        HashMap<String, String> mapa = new HashMap<String,String>();
        String channel = message.getChannel();
        System.out.println("*** The Channel is "+channel+" ***");
        ClientSessionChannel chann = bayeuxClient.getChannel(channel);
        mapa.put("canal", channel);
        mapa.put("mensaje", "Hola Wi!!");
        mapa.put("ServChan", bayeux.getChannels().get(0).toString());

And this is the JS jQuery code im using to subscribe and publish (is part of a larger object so im just pasting the main thing related to this):

     /** On document ready i call this one **/
    console.log("Set cometd initialization");
    if (this.subscription) 
    this.subscription = null;
    func = function(msg){
                    /** I had to do this in order to avoid ALL the 500 times it does it :S **/
        if(main.count < 1){
            console.log(main.count + ": " +  msg.data.mensaje);
    this.subscription = $.cometd.subscribe("/userStatus",func);
    console.log("Set the broadListener");
    $.cometd.publish('/userStatus', {mensaje:"Hola"});

Well, after trying to run the method publishBroad over the console, it actually runs, but 450-500 times IN THE SERVER with just one click/request (yes it is just one request from browser to the java server, the 450-500 times get repeated only on the server side and reaches the browser in the response that many times)!!

What have i done wrong? Im using the latests cometd.js and jquery.cometd.js from cometd official site.

Also, when i check this in the console (im using JBoss AS7), i left some output log lines to see if my call entered the method ( the Sys out println that says The Channel is:. and it also shows that log line 450-500 times in JBoss console!

Can anyone please help me to fix this up??


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Not sure what's wrong tho I noticed if (this._subscription) $.cometd.unsubscribe(this.subscription); this.subscription = null; i think you have an extra underscore –  Gabo Esquivel Feb 16 '12 at 13:58
Thanks i've corrected that line, but still im having the issue, with one call to the js cometd publish method, i get the call around 500 times on the service in the server :( –  Adrian E. Labastida Cañizares Feb 16 '12 at 22:22

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Your problem is that you're using a ClientSession in your service.

If, in your service, you just want to reply to the sender, then do this:

public class UserStatusService
    private LocalSession session;

    public void userStatus(ServerSession remoteClient, ServerMessage message)
        Map<String, String> map = new HashMap<String,String>();
        map.put("mensaje", "Hola Wi!!");
        remoteClient.deliver(session, message.getChannel(), map, null);

Please refer to the CometD concepts to understand the difference between a ClientSession, a ServerSession and a LocalSession, and to the annotated services reference.

The reason for the loop you noticed (1 request caused the service to be executed 500+ times) is because you're re-broadcasting to the same channel in the last line if your service.

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Thanks, i´ll try that, i did´nt understand the concepts very well from the cometd docs even after various reads and got mixed up as u can see, i´ll let you know :) –  Adrian E. Labastida Cañizares Feb 17 '12 at 13:23
BTW, i remember now, the idea is to send a notification to all subscriptions to that channel, that´s why i did´nt used the remoteClient.deliver method and i thought the way to reach them was with the publish method, i gotta read the docs more careful and see what´s going on –  Adrian E. Labastida Cañizares Feb 17 '12 at 13:28

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