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I am using PDO to access my database, and I have there two stored procedures. Right now, I execute to call to the procedures, which is working fine, something like this:

$q = $db->prepare("CALL sp1();");
//parsing results here...


$q2 = $db->prepare("CALL sp2();");
///parsing results here...

I want to call both procedures in one prepare, so I tried something like -

$q = $db->prepare("CALL sp1(); CALL sp2()");

But this is calling and executing only one stored procedure and not both. Is there a way to use and run at once multiple procedures?

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The underlying mysql drivers do not allow multiple queries to be issued in a single query call. It's a safety measure to prevent some forms of SQL injection. This still applies even though you're using PDO. – Marc B Feb 16 '12 at 14:07
Really, the best course of action if they must be run together, is to create another procedure which calls both of them inside a transaction itself. – Michael Berkowski Feb 16 '12 at 14:08
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One query can run only one storedProcedure.

If you still need to run only one query, I recommend you to write another storedProcedure, that calls them one after another.

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