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I have a decent admin script working for checking what IPs are logging on too a web app but I need to make it more fancy with a whois at the start and then I thought a geoip.

At the moment I've hashed out the whois part of it - my problem is that because there are multiple IPs - the whois doesn't know what to do with them

Any ideas on this would be great? and also ideas on geoips would be lovely!



#Setting date and time (y and z aren't being used at the moment)
x="$(date +'%d/%b/%Y')"
y="$(date +'%T')"
z="$(date +'%T' | awk 'BEGIN { FS =":"} ; {print $1}')"

#Human readable for email title
emaildate=$(date +"%d%b%Y--Hour--%H")

#Setting date and time for grep and filename
beta="$(date +'%d/%b/%Y:%H')"
sigma="$(date +'%d-%b-%Y-%H')"

#Current SSL Access logs
#Set saved log location

grep user@user.com $log | grep $beta | awk 'BEGIN { FS = " " } ; { print $1 }' | sort -u >> $newlogs/adminusage"$sigma".txt

#Preform whois
#whoip=`grep -o '[0-9]\{1,3\}\.[0-9]\{1,3\}\.[0-9]\{1,3\}\.[0-9]\{1,3\}' $newlogs/adminusage"$sigma".txt | sort | uniq >> $testing`
#echo $whoip

#Preform Usage for the current hour
grep -v $newlogs/adminusage"$sigma".txt
#whois $testing >> $IPlookup
mail -s "Admin Usage for $emaildate" email.com < $newlogs/adminusage"$sigma".txt
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Just use a loop and invoke whois once per iteration

Presuming that your grep returns a newline-delimited list of IP addresses, you could do something like this:

grep ... | sort | uniq | while IFS= read -r ip ; do
    whois "$ip" >> whatever
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If you have multiple IPs, simply loop over them and run whois on each:

for address is $whoip ; do
    whois $address
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