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I have this button:

<a href="#" id="toTop" style="display: inline; ">Top</a>

I'd like to know if is possible to do something like this jquery code does, inside facebook application iframe:

$('#toTop').click(function () {
            scrollTop: 0
        }, 800);
        return false;

Thanks ;)!

EDIT 1 (Following Matthew Johnston Answer):

This is what i mean:

NOTE: FB.Canvas.scrollTo doesn't work with fluid canvas setting

EDIT 2 (For someone who need [i hope for now]):

The only way is to use anchor link, you don't get smooth scroll :(...and in firefox they don't work!

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It doesn't look like this works, I just set it up and it failed to happen. You do have the Facebook Javascript SDK method FB.Canvas.scrollTo which will allow you to scroll to specific locations in an canvas app, however it won't be smooth.

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Thanks for the answer. Sorry fo that, i edit my question to add JSFiddle link to see what i mean. FB.Canvas.scrollTo doesn't work with fluid canvas setting :(, and i need it. There's another way? Thanks. – VincenzoFerme Feb 16 '12 at 19:09
Unfortunately I don't think you have any Javascript way of getting this to work, because of the Same Origin Policy ( which will disallow JS in an iFrame from interacting with a parent frame that is from a different domain. I think your only option is to use anchor links. – Matthew Johnston Feb 17 '12 at 9:50
Thanks. Now i'm using anchors and all work well..but i can't control animations and other effects. I think this is a limit of facebook application, that force developers to don't use the best (or more beautiful) solution.Do you think that there will be a solution someday? I hope... – VincenzoFerme Feb 17 '12 at 13:09
I tested anchor links in firefox (10.1)...they don't work. – VincenzoFerme Feb 18 '12 at 18:18

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