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I have page1.html, on which i need to get document referrer

For example, i go to page0.html, then go to page1.html

On page1.html there are list of subpages

I click on some of them and go to page1_sub1.html

Then i click browser's back button and go to page1.html

On page1.html i need to get referrer (page1_sub1.html) but document.referrer actually shows as page0.html

So, is it possible to get document referrer if clicked back button of browser or user go back via referrence like

<a href="javascript:history.back();">« Back</a>
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No, that won't work. If needed, you can use cookies to store the history of pages users have opened—but that's complicated, and will fail if the user has your site open in different tabs.

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